28.5.10 07:27


come as you are....

I am relatively drama-free. It took me 21 years to realise that. I think that is short. At least compared to people i see all around me. I might be a little bit more nerdy than the average person, I can be neurotic about things at time and I get upset if I burn my dinner. But I am generally low in dramatic tendencies. Now I am okay with that. I used to not be. And because there was no drama, I made a drama out of not feeling the drama. Now I am fine with being boring and once in the while cracking up the music.



8.5.10 05:21


I have to reflect on my red hair. I love it. Most people love it. Some hate it. Alright, Homless men often yell at me now. That's okay. I can take that. I am faster then most crack addicts. At least when I am on my bike. It kind of creeps me out that some people don't recognize me any more. On the otherside I won't be referred to as "OMG, you are the girl that works at (Insert favourite coffee/bagel shop)" anymore. Seems like bliss to me.

And Yes I am bored, I have already picked up school books again.



6.5.10 20:47

Holy Fuck!

I am a ginger now.



28.4.10 02:08

And the blues followed me...

I have to believe in fate. I don't really want to. It seems so stupid. But it helps to explain the unexplainable things that keep happening over and over again. I somehow want to believe that they will lead up to something good...




25.4.10 04:47

restless soul, lie down....


A new rockbottom can always be found. Sometimes it is the bottom of a tub of soy frozen yogurt.
I think I like Deep Ecology
I still hate Zen

The middle east - Blood


14.4.10 06:39

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?


Saturday hangover
cleaning spree
Winnie the poo mug
Ginger Green Tea
Angus & Julia Stone
Sun trough the open windown


Angus and Julia have finally officially recorded "Draw your swords" so I can show it to you. The Dead Weather are already making a new Album. Beautiful.

28.3.10 00:00

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