Why would you kill the world?

Strange. Very Strange.
Today, before class, one of the teaching assistants of my sociology class came up to me . She isn't my TA and I don't know her name, although I might have talked to her before. Briefly. She comes up to me with a smile that's way to bright for this time of day, and this weather. She tells me, that it was her who corrected my midterm. She says it was amazing. I feel like in elementary school, when everybody pets your head and you get pretty stickers in your folder, if you just spell one word right. Ofcourse, like everyone else, I like glittery stickers for my ego once in a while, but this seems to much. Her eyes are glowing, while she tells me how happy my answers made her. The questions weren't hard, you didn't even have to think for yourself. And then it gets even stranger. "I was so proud", she says. I really don't understand. "You don't even know me, woman", I think to myself and smile nervously, looking around to make sure nobody notices our strange conversation. I think her name is Monica. Very strange.



19.1.10 09:52


We could be killers, just for one night


So now New Years and all this is over. No Christmas cookies anymore, although I'm sure mother still hides some in the cupboard. Now all the shiny lights are taken down. Fuzzyness is not appropriate anymore. I would find it appropriate to you head. Still. I don't even know who you are. Now the rain keeps falling on the city. It washes all my icing away, the cake underneath is not the one you like, not even one that I like. Sorry for that. But it's edible.




9.1.10 03:13

I could bring paradise.....


The house is empty. Everyone is gone. Gone home. On Airplanes, In Cars and on Ships. I'm still waiting for the day that you are gonna bring me to the airport. Maybe next year.
I doesn't feel like Christmas yet. It is quiet and cold, but there is no snow. It is just not the same without the snow that numbs down the voice of the city. Things are still too fast, there is still to much to do.
I'm waiting for the world to crystalize and stop for a little moment.


23.12.09 21:32

karmaaaaaaaaaaa police....


It's getting really cold. So cold that you cannot only see you breath, but this instant reminder of you being alive freezes in the air before you, just to fall onto the ground and shatter. Into little crystals that look like ponies. C
Christmas is almost here, but nobody gets real trees anymore. They are all plastic. And people bake cookies for dogs instead of people. Cookies out of liver. liver that probably costs more then a child in Africa needs to be fed for a month.
They say it's gonna snow. I like snow. It numbs down the whole sitty. It suffocates all the noise, people cuddle up under blankets and my crystal ponies can run with their herd.

10.12.09 08:14

so weit wie ich kann....

Sie wollen mein Zimmer umbauen. Dort oben ist genug platz für eine Wohnung. Ja das stimm, sage ich. Was ich denn davon halten würde. Es mache sinn sage ich. Wer weiß schon, wann ich wieder komme. Ob ich wiederkomme. Dachte eben nur nie wirklich daran, dass ich nicht dorthin zurück komme wovon ich fort gegangen bin. Wohin gehe ich dann und woher komme ich dann überhaupt. Was ist wenn ich nichts mehr erkenne? Alles fremd.

22.11.09 10:28

for, the werewolf has my sympathy....

I would love to stay and chat a bit. About the sky, about tablecloths with flowerpatterns and peroggies for dinner. About sock with holes, about boys and men, maybe about the last sunbeams of the year. Possibly about the colour purple. But you don't really want to be my friend. And I am tired of chit chat and trying. So I go home and listen to Chan Marshall. Or eat perrogies, maybe.


                                                                    -Cat Power- Werewolf-

13.11.09 05:13

And with the faint of cigarettes you write a halleuju song...

I am tired. My car got towed this week because i parked in front of fire hydrant that I didn't see. They forgot to put my car into the system so I thought it was stolen. fabulous. Today I had an argument with a hairdresser that thought she should refuse to cut me bangs because she thought it would look better without....
I am tired...

7.11.09 06:13

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