I'm not gonna crack

I feel better. I spent some time on and island in the sun and tomorrow is the day that I will finall... weiterlesen
2.8.09 07:26



 So I am in Montreal right now. Disregarding the fact that I only understand a tiny fraction of... weiterlesen
6.8.09 01:02

There ain't no rest for the wicked...

Yeah MOSHPIT!  ... weiterlesen
19.8.09 20:40

And we never even liked him from the start....

I don't want summer to end. But I want it to be over a week ago. Then again, I never really know wha... weiterlesen
20.8.09 23:06

And I told you to be fine...

And I will be fine. Someday. Soon.... weiterlesen
21.8.09 10:35

i'm 60 feet tall,

and I feel fucking alive.... weiterlesen
22.8.09 10:57

I can't get no....

One Week. Yesterday it was a year away. So it seems. So ganz spontan drängen sich mir ein ... weiterlesen
31.8.09 02:19