I look like a woman, but I cut like a buffalo....

Now you got me angry. BITCH.... weiterlesen
1.9.09 21:37


In the sun

Back in school feels good... weiterlesen
11.9.09 18:59

Is it enough to have some love?

Sometimes I love humans but resent humanity and another time it is the other way around. Today I am ... weiterlesen
15.9.09 03:22

Last I saw you....

16.9.09 04:31

even when you're down and out.

Sometimes the pursuit of happiness is a occupational therapy that we created for ourselves to give u... weiterlesen
18.9.09 02:57

I'm gonna steal a silver stalion...

I want totake off all my clothesstrip naked in front of youso you see my bodymy hips, that i never l... weiterlesen
22.9.09 05:57


yes. Okay.... weiterlesen
26.9.09 06:00

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