Maybe you're gonna be the one who....

  When all is too heavy I just imagine I am invincible. I have to believe it.  ... weiterlesen
2.3.10 04:46


Maybe it's time to grow the fuck up.....

What I like the most about facebook, the fabulous procrastination value aside, is that it makes me a... weiterlesen
13.3.10 19:19

as much as i'd like to go....

    Do you think you could love her? Just a little?    ... weiterlesen
22.3.10 07:19

She said......

I am not sure. What are borders. What are countries but man-made bubbles of soap. Shiny, but empty ... weiterlesen
23.3.10 03:48

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name?

  Saturday hangover cleaning spree Winnie the poo mug Ginger Green Tea Angus & Julia Stone ... weiterlesen
28.3.10 00:00