even when you're down and out.

Sometimes the pursuit of happiness is a occupational therapy that we created for ourselves to give us the feeling of forward movement, when we are actually turnining in circles around. There are days when I deem even contentment a sociological myth that is supposed to keep us going. But then I hear music, see a beam of sunlight falling through my blinds directly on the tip of my big toe or fall in love with a strangers eyes. Then mythical creatures become reality and I get to pet them for a while.

Everybody must love a band that mixes beatboxing with opera, makes music with childrens toys and has a slideshow of Oprah Winfrey, Toddlers and dead mice in the background.

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18.9.09 02:57


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zee (18.9.09 07:19)
this is awesome
and i like your little blog about peetting people. u should write a song about it
u have 2 days
and go

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