She said......

I am not sure. What are borders. What are countries but man-made bubbles of soap. Shiny, but empty in side. Just a pich and they explode, just vanish. Yet, we are so concentrated on them. Religion, National Pride, National Culture, National Values. National not natural. Why does humanity stop at borders. A thin line. If you are on the right side you are in, if you are on the wrong side, we will spite you, throw you away, shut you out, ignore you, we will bomb you, kill you and let your children starve. Because you are different. One millimeter different.

 Sometimes, that's just how it seems.


23.3.10 03:48


as much as i'd like to go....



Do you think you could love her? Just a little?



22.3.10 07:19

Maybe it's time to grow the fuck up.....

What I like the most about facebook, the fabulous procrastination value aside, is that it makes me accidentaly find out that all the people that gave a hard time in highschool are now drop-outs and teenage's a good day.
13.3.10 19:19

Maybe you're gonna be the one who....


When all is too heavy I just imagine I am invincible. I have to believe it.


2.3.10 04:46

This is not about love....

I have been drinking. Wine. A lot of wine. For a whole week in a row actually. I saw Feist. It the teenage part of myself cry a couple of tears of happiness. I think I might be starting to realise things about myself. Maybe.



19.2.10 11:13

we're not us...anymore

I really wish white wine would leave stains on my lips.
They way red wine does.
Red marks in the little wrinkles of my lower lip,
when I look in the mirror after getting up
The way redwine does.
All that white wine does is remind me of you
The way red wine does.
All of you liked it
Cheap red wine, a little to sweet
But we shared it, that made it good
Now I share white wine
It's good too
But it doesn't leave stains on my lips

7.2.10 02:48

A pretty girl in her underwear....

I think we should applaude this woman. Watch!


Thematic music???


5.2.10 01:23

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