very late at night and in the morning light....

Nobody knows me at all....?? ... weiterlesen
3.6.09 10:32


A glass of wine in her hand...

It is true. You can't always get what you want. Things are often unreachable or someone just grabs t... weiterlesen
4.6.09 09:37


 I'm a Creep.I never said this. But I am home. Almost every night. In my dreams. And Then I wak... weiterlesen
10.6.09 07:06

do you remeber how you walked with me?

  ... weiterlesen
11.6.09 10:21

I don't know...

I do not have an answer but I am admiring the problem. Still. There are things we should say mo... weiterlesen
18.6.09 11:11

I am sure....

...There must be something more I cried yesterday at the Coldplay show. It was a cry for beauty... weiterlesen
23.6.09 03:05

the sun peaks out to play...

I feel cheezy right now. But in a good, warm music-high kind of way. The last time I actually got so... weiterlesen
23.6.09 10:37

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