I am sure....

...There must be something more

I cried yesterday at the Coldplay show. It was a cry for beauty.The show deserved a tear. Snowpatrol and Howling Bells alone would have been worth each and every dollar of the ridiculously expensive ticket.



By the way. There is hope for the world. An Old man saw my Amanda Shirt today and got me to write down her name and the dolls, to check them out on myspace. He claims mainstream bores him to death. Spread the word. Make good music your belief, people. Don't worship the tin gods. Do not dance around the Golden Calf listening to Britney Spears or Mily Cirus and wearing and George Gina and Lucy Bag and , I think I just threw up a little in my mouth Ugg Boots (yes, After being extict in Europe for at least 3 years they still find their way on to the feet of oblivious Vancouverites). Pfui. If you have to dance around the stupid cow at all at least choose some acceptable mainstream (...hence, my purchase of a Coldplay ticket)...there is some good pop out there, you'll know it when you hear it!


23.6.09 03:05


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kate (23.6.09 11:25)
kind of like a grump

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